Suggestions For Your Mexico Vacation
SunThe Climate
San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas has a pleasant year round climate with negligible variation. November through May the temperatures average from mid 70s to upper 80s, fanned by cooling trade winds. The rainy season is in between mid July and October. The rains are short in duration, refreshing and add to the really marvelous sunrises, sunsets and balmy evenings. You may be misled about the intensity of the sun on your skin because of the cool breezes off the Sea of Cortez. Keep this in mind and use a good sun screen. A nasty sunburn can spoil your Mexico vacation!

Bargains are possible - the buying power of the dollar is favorable. "Making a deal" is part of the fun shopping in Mexico but don't try to steal your purchase. Always keep in mind what the Peso is worth! Do not attempt to bargain in the better shops. There is an endless selection of art, crafts and gift items. Wearing apparel and footwear are good buys.

What should I wear What Should I Wear?
Casual, cool sports wear is the order of the day. A light sweater may be needed for evenings. It is not appropriate to wear bathing suits to town remember, no shirt - no service! The same applies for the Golf Course. Dress as you would at home (when it is hot) and you'll be very comfortable in any situation.

Getting Around Getting Around
The most efficient means of transportation is by taxi! Cabs are everywhere. It is a good idea to confirm the price before departure. Once you have figured out how they drive - it might be a good idea to rent a car.  The bus service between San José and Cabo San Lucas is excellent. If you are not sure of bus stops, just stand on the side of the road and wave!!!

Telecommunications Telecomunications
International phone service is quite expensive so it is to your advantage to call home "collect". Beware of phone booths that offer long distance on your credit card - it is very costly. It's a good idea also to purchase a prepaid phone card for coming home but make your calls short and sweet. There are many places that offer Fax service.

Drinking the Water? Should I Drink The Water?
We recommend that you use bottled water for drinking in your condo. All hotels, restaurants and bars on your Mexico vacation provide purified drinking water and ice. Bottled water is readily available in all grocery outlets.

Money Exchange Money Exchange
The Peso floats on the world market and its value can change from day to day. You will get the best rate of exchange at the banks. They are equipped with ATMs and will offer you a choice of US or peso. Peso is usually the best way to go. Mexico has a value added tax as we do here. It is called IVA. Please do not confuse this with the tip (Propina). The staff in bars, restaurants and other service-oriented business’s survive on your "tips". They are paid very poorly - please be as generous as you can (15-20%). Keep in mind that the peso has devaluated, but the wages have not gone up.

It is best to take your bankcard. There are plenty of banks and interact ATMs. Your best rate is always at the bank. Keep in mind that the pace is much slower in Mexico. Relax & enjoy your stay at our Mexico vacation rental!!

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